Yes, that is what we call them in our house…and yes it really is a thing, although your pediatrician will probably give you a look when you ask about testing your child for it. You may here some people call it Yeast Overgrowth or Candida is the more scientifically correct term for it, no matter what you call it its a major issue for many kids who are showing signs of mental instability.

I remember hearing this term from a friend who was slowly trying to convince me that the Bio-Medical world was the way to go with my children. I also remember thinking she was CRAZY at the time, but I was desperate and at the time holding my child down in a mental institution for the last 12 week and getting nowhere fast. So I think when you hit that level of rock bottom you don’t care how crazy something sounds at the time your going to look into it… I began finally reading the numerous articles she had sent me on yeast overgrowth, bacteria, parasites, PANDAS/PANS and more and I found myself feeling like he fit every symptom list, he looked like he had it all! In reality, we would soon find out he did, he was battling a leaky gut as well as Lyme and PANDAS/PANS and just coming off of  constant antibiotic use , acid reflux meds and steroids for his asthma as well as a trial on stimulant ADHD medication, it was a recipe for disaster! Everything that was bad for you

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