Overwhelmed? Lost? Tired of making multiple meals and ready to enjoy eating with your family?

Like you, so many parents of autistic kids feel this way. Raising a child with special needs requires special energy. It’s exhausting to manage the many facets of your child’s care. And now you’re thinking about nutrition. Except your child only eats 5 foods, avoids entire food groups, and you don’t know how to introduce something new.

I get it. That’s why I offer simple but impactful steps that cut to the chase and make life feel easier. By following my individualized strategy to optimize diet and resolve feeding obstacles, we will create a personalized plan that will improve your child’s relationship with food – and with you – and allow them to finally reach their potential.

I know that adding one more thing to your plate may not seem possible. The reality is that devoting the time now will save you years of time, stress, and frustration. Every parent wishes they got started earlier.

Eating is the one thing your child does several times a day, absolutely every day! Let’s make it something you both feel good about.

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