Ease the process of caregiving

No more print outs, spreadsheets, notepads, cork boards or spending countless hours logging data into a website to stay on track.  Astrid helps ease the process of caregiving by providing smart tools to help organize, manage and understand the effectiveness of your child’s care plan.

Personalized care plans

Astrid understands there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution to autism and provides caregivers with an easy way to create individualized autism care plans for their children and loved ones.

Autism research

When you download the Astrid app you will have the option to join our research program where your care plan can be analyzed against a large pool of other care plans to identify patterns in symptoms, behaviors and treatments. When you enter our research program you will receive reports periodically with updated information as we continue to grow our user base and reanalyze the data against your care plan.

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