In brief, autism is a group of disorders with genetic and environmental causes. ASD children have evidence of abnormalities in the brain during the first 2 years of life. This may be attributed to inflammation, and the lymph flow from the meningeal lymphatic system in the brain may be a factor.

ASD children appear to have increased cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the folds and spaces around the brain (extra-axial spaces). Increased extra-axial spaces correlate with an increase in severity of autism symptoms, and the reason for the increase in the fluid has only recently been discovered.

The hypothesis put forward by Dr’s Bradstreet & Ruggerio “as we can now see that there is a lymphatic system in the brain, and that ASD shows an increase in extra-axial fluid, can the increase in extra-axial fluid be attributed to infections and inflammation, while a reduction in lymph drainage may also contribute to the increase in extra-axial fluid?”

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