The Children’s Total Body Detox Guide by BioRay was created to safely and effectively detoxify heavy metals, parasites, fungi, yeast, chemicals, and pesticides. Proven effective by over a decade of clinical use, this protocol is designed to restore healthy pH balance in your child’s body, clean the gut and support healthy neurological and immune function.

In this guide we provide information on supplements, formulas and dietary modifications that will support your child’s organs of elimination and restore a healthy immune response. We begin with getting the bowels moving, supporting and opening the detox pathways of the liver and kidneys, and then move on to supporting a healthy GI & colon. This is a 4 – 6 month process for an average to sensitive child. The products we have included in this kit as well as the supplementary products we recommend provide necessary and vital support for a successful and efficient detoxification protocol.

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