Since the late 1890s, physicians have treated symptoms of adrenal cortex insufficiency with adrenal cortex extract (ACE), taken from the adrenal glands of animals. This treatment was found to be very effective for reversing hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, alcoholism, allergies, arthritis and certain types of schizophrenia. In 1968, Dr. John Tintera published his book Hypoadrenocorticism, documenting the successes he had as a practitioner using adrenal cortex extract. He stated that his only failures were with patients who had been on the steroid drug prednisone first, which he found to be very toxic. Yet in 1978, the FDA submitted false data to justify removing ACE from the market, effectively rendering the public a captive audience for prednisone, which the FDA said was safe. For forty years, Physicians’ Desk Reference recorded no adverse effects from ACE. Today even mainstream medical journals identify prednisone as very toxic.

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